First, Heal the Gut!

First, Heal the Gut!

Why? Because what starts in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut!

If you feel like crap, your gut is probably to blame 🤷🏻‍♀️

It starts with what you eat first. Then comes digestion, and how well the food you’re eating is actually being digested, and therefore, how well you’re assimilating and absorbing the nutrients from those foods. 🥗🍽️

Our body is such a unique system that works in harmony and each system requires the optimal functioning of the one before it. If you have nutritional deficiencies and you’re eating a nutrient dense, well rounded diet, it’s likely because you aren’t absorbing them = gut

Every other system is dependent on the optimal functioning of the gut. Hormones, thyroid, autoimmunity, you name it.

Let’s work together and get a closer look at YOUR individual microbiome so we can fine tune a plan specific to your unique needs. ❤️
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