About us

If you don't invest in your wellness, you will be forced to invest in your illness.

We are Jacob and Kaitlyn Barnett, the driving force behind Countermeasure Wellness. Our journey began with a humble start as a mushroom and herbal supplement association. However, as we saw gaps in health and wellness, our story evolved. We identified a pressing need for functional lab testing in our community and embarked on a mission to offer even more comprehensive solutions.

Our fundamental belief rests on the profound notion that God has endowed us with the tools to heal, and that our bodies possess an innate ability to mend themselves when equipped with the right resources. This belief became the bedrock of our personal wellness journey, a path we embarked upon with unwavering dedication.

As we navigated our path to wellness, we were drawn to the profound world of functional medicine and functional nutrition. These disciplines emphasize understanding the root causes of health issues and tailoring personalized solutions to promote optimal health. Functional lab testing became a cornerstone of our approach, allowing us to provide targeted and effective interventions that align with the body's natural processes.

In our quest for holistic health, we also discovered the incredible potential of functional and medicinal mushrooms. These natural wonders harbor a treasure trove of health benefits, aiding the body's natural adaptation and restoration of balance in ways that transcend conventional methods. Research continuously unveils new and exciting benefits, reinforcing our commitment to this integrative approach.
Countermeasure Wellness was Born
Why Countermeasure Wellness? In the tumultuous year of 2020, we underwent a profound awakening on multiple fronts. We realized that our world seemed intent on perpetuating illness rather than promoting health. As spiritual beings with souls created by our Heavenly Father, we recognized that our minds and bodies are intricate forces of energy, susceptible to both supportive and harmful influences.

Sadly, harmful elements have pervaded our world for decades, permeating our everyday lives and products. Our food, once divinely created, is now heavily processed, laden with toxic chemicals, and comprised of harmful ingredients, all while straying further from its natural God-given form. Our water, once a source of nourishment, now contains unnecessary chemicals while lacking the essential natural minerals our bodies crave. Even the act of breathing has come under scrutiny, with air quality at an all-time low and illegal mandates dictating how we should breathe. The medical realm, intended for healing, has fallen victim to profit-driven conglomerates that perpetuate disease and offer treatments that do more harm than good.
Don't be afraid, only believe -Mark 5:36
Despite these challenges, we remain resolute in our faith. We recognize that God has bestowed upon us a wealth of potent countermeasures to combat these harmful elements. In a world seemingly determined to keep us sick, we offer you a beacon of hope—a COUNTERMEASURE!

At Countermeasure Wellness, we are dedicated to helping you harness the power of functional medicine, functional nutrition, and medicinal mushrooms to achieve your health goals. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey to optimal wellness.