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Elevate Your Health with Dutch Testing: The Gold Standard in Hormone Assessment

When it comes to understanding your hormones, precision matters. That's why we rely on Dutch Testing—the unparalleled gold standard in hormone assessment using dried urine. Our preferred choice is the DUTCH Complete, a comprehensive diagnostic tool that provides a holistic view of your hormonal health. Here's why it's the ultimate choice for those seeking in-depth insights into their well-being:

🌟 Comprehensive Hormone Assessment: The DUTCH Complete delves deep into the intricacies of your hormonal balance. It evaluates sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and their metabolites, painting a complete picture of your hormonal profile.

📊 Daily Free Cortisol Pattern: Get a precise look at your cortisol levels throughout the day, offering crucial insights into your stress response and adrenal function.

🔬 Metabolism Insights: Discover how your hormones are metabolized in the liver, shedding light on potential deficiencies and areas for improvement in your overall hormonal health.

🌿 Organic Acids: Uncover information about your body's organic acids, providing a glimpse into various metabolic processes and potential nutrient deficiencies.

🌙 Melatonin Analysis: Understand your melatonin levels, critical for regulating sleep patterns and overall circadian rhythm.

🧬 8-OGdG: Gain insights into oxidative stress levels with 8-OGdG analysis, helping you pinpoint areas where your body may need additional support.

🚫 Age Limit: Please note that this test is suitable for individuals aged 12 and above, ensuring the most accurate results for adolescents and adults.

Your hormones are the orchestrators of your well-being, influencing everything from mood to energy levels and overall vitality. Don't leave your hormonal health to chance—empower yourself with the DUTCH Complete. Whether you're proactively managing your health, addressing specific concerns, or seeking a deeper understanding of your body, this test is your path to optimized well-being.

Choose precision, choose excellence—choose Dutch Testing for your hormone assessment. Elevate your health journey and take the first step towards a healthier, harmonious you. Your hormones deserve nothing less.

Exclusive Benefits:

🏡 Convenience & Privacy: Your lab test will be conveniently shipped directly to your doorstep allowing you to conduct the test in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Say goodbye to long waits and travel hassles—healthcare made easy, right at your house. 

📈 Results Review & Treatment Plan: After screening, an additional virtual appointment will be scheduled to thoroughly discuss your results and collaboratively develop a personalized treatment plan.

🤝 3 Months of Support: We stand with you on this journey. Access expert Kaitlyn Barnett for any follow-up questions or guidance regarding your treatment for a full three months after your panel purchase.  

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